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I cannot find the documentation?

1. Download the full package from ThemeForest - see screenshot. 2. Unzip the package. 3. Navigate to the documentation folder - see screenshot. 4. Double Click ...

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Blaszok slow loading/performance issue.

First of all, please make sure that server and Wordpress are using at least 96M of memory size and all the plugins are in the newest version. Please also consider ...

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How to update Blaszok?

There are 2 main ways to update your Blaszok theme: First one will require Envato Toolkit plugin and can be done entirely in Wordpress Dashboard panel. The ...

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Why my MegaMenu background is not working / MegaMenu is not working / menu is not visible?

Please make sure that you made every steps from our documentation: http://blaszok.mpcreation.net/docs/#menuhttp://blaszok.mpcreation.net/docs/#megaMenu

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